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Zubair Ahmed Khushk
Zubair Ahmed Khushk

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I became a member of the developer student club at the end of my second semester, and I learned a lot in this club. My role was as an event manager. I learned a lot of things through events. Again at the end of my 2nd year, I became a member of the Hult Prize organization, joined the developer student club team as a technical lead, became a hack club lead, AngelHack ambassador, and ambassador at ORIC. I do love open-source communities. After my involvement in all these communities, I learned how to deliver technical content. I can talk publicly. I learned to collaborate with other teammates, and I love to share knowledge with others. These communities have had a good impact on me. I think one can change their confidence collaboration level, By working with team members' experience and much more in these communities. Many people say that working in these organizations is a waste of time. But I think one can get more benefits if they want one. This is my experience what's yours!

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