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My Github Action Hackerthon experience but with a wacky project

It was an afternoon when I came across the hackathon announcement. 'This is gonna be fun, I thought.
Reading the hackathon instructions, I loved the word wacky, sounds fun to me.


I checked out what wacky means like a classic googler and it made me more interested


oops! I meant wacky πŸ’€


"slightly odd"; that's exactly the word I was looking for.

So what's it's gonna be. An auto comment feature that you can embed in your Github Workflow.

Features of the project

  • you can add fun to your open source project and have the single folks trooping in to get some sweet selected love text πŸ˜‚
  • you can include selected memes fun the 10+ year memes experience from the community
  • or you can include a custom message.

Project Initialization

First, I need to set up the coding environment you thought, but writing the love text seems like the most necessary step.

const love_test = [
  "You are the CSS to my HTML.",
  "[me != me]. [me += you].",
  "Are you a computer keyboard? Because you're my type.",
  "Are you an exception? Let me catch you.",
  "Baby you must be Google Glasses, because you augment my reality",
  "Could I have your I.P.?",
  "Here's my number: 0011 0011 1011 0001 0010 1000 0101",
  "I am a Boolean method whose love will always return true.",
  "I googled your name earlier... I clicked on 'I'm Feeling Lucky.'",
  "I think you could be an integral part of my project life cycle.",
  "I'd switch to emacs for you.",
  "You are a field in my class. You will always be protected.",
  "You are my methods. I am nothing without you.",
  "You auto-complete me.",
  "You have nice syntax.",
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These are some tested and trusted lines! They fail every time πŸ˜‚

Next, I wrote some codes published the action here. (Honestly, were you thinking I'd paste the whole code here 😏 )





You can view the code in this repo. Your contributions are highly welcomed.
Kindly drop a star too. 😌

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Kaiz Khatri

True wacky submission πŸ‘