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Learning to code with a baby..

Last year I made a person and my partner in crime helped bring her into this world. She's great and I was only planning to stay home from work for her first year and then covid hit. Life plans changed at that point and together we decided that it would be better for our family if I stayed home. Most child care options are more than what we spend on rent monthly. No joke people.. It's insane.

I've always loved coding and had a natural affinity for it but for many reasons, most of which were my own mental health, I never fully pursued those inclinations. Now that I've taken a break from working for the first time in seventeen years I realized that I want to do for a career what I like to do for fun.

A Bootcamp sounded like the best option for me but I still need to take care of the kid which is a full-time job and then some. So after a lot of looking, I found Free Code Camp and jumped in. I feel like I'm drowning a bit but I know that will eventually pass. I wish I had a teacher or someone to ask questions to but that's what Google is for right?

Grammarly is telling me that there are errors in my punctuation, compound/complex sentences, word choice and incomplete sentences. So sorry if that made this difficult to read but it's done and the baby is waking up shortly so this will have to do.

I'm looking forward to learning so many new things this next year! If you have any suggestions send them my way. I'm not sure I'll get to them but I will for sure look at them!

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