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Code break on home feeds?

What is this code I'm seeing on home feeds?

Does anyone have same thing on there home feeds?

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InHuOfficial • Edited on

Yeah I have emailed the team, they are escaping the HTML for the SVG logo so it is being sent as &lt;svg instead of <svg.

Just thought I would add it here just in case they spot this first.

Hopefully an easy fix for the DEV team! ❤

Oh and upvoting this was hard as you can't click the reaction buttons 🤣

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harry_wood • Edited on

For a brief moment in time that SVG logo is escaping from its boundaries. It's still bordered in on the left-hand side, but I'm rooting for it. "Go little logo! Run wild and free!"

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Must still be cached on some CDNs as still broken for me even with hard refresh! You should have screen shotted that, bet it was funny!

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Andy Piper

Now resolved.

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Clavin June

I thought it was a reflected XSS, but turns out it just a little miscode

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Lars Rye Jeppesen

Yep, same here - the SVG logo is screwed