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Some Other Great Asp.Net Core Tutorials in 2020

Zoltan Halasz
.Net enthusiast, self-taught, career transition, C#, SQL, Javascript
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In the last weeks, I have been looking to further materials and information related to my main subject of study, Asp.Net Core. Even if my main projects are in .Net WPF, I really like the Asp.Net web world, and that's where I am deepening my knowledge.

Before going through the latest tutorials, the material I purchased from the code-maze guys has to be mentioned Asp.Net Core Web API course. This is the most serious course material I probably purchased, but easy to follow, with full support and explanations.
I really prefer this approach vs Udemy or Youtube. I like to have a pdf file with explanations, code snippets and code repo, versus the lengthy youtube videos from any trainer, even if they are free.

In addition to the above, lets's see what I have found and studied (all of them, but not very deeply) in the last couple of weeks:

1. The blog of Saineshwar Bager,
Alt Text

This one contains a tutorial, how to present tabular data with paging, search and sorting data with core mvc. Really nice and useful one. Medium difficulty.


How to upload file content to a MS SQL database, some new idea, maybe I will further this idea on a later project. Really good quality one, as a), so I can only recommend his blog, which is a true delight for Asp.Net Core learners.

2. Another great tutorial source

c) Even if I prepared a Chart.JS tutorial in Dec 2019, this is a great one too, with Google Charts, see

d) From the same source, how to deploy an core app on Heroku:

Until now I published my small works on, but this time I published my c) and d) learning directly on heroku! :)
Alt Text

3. I always wanted to check the Angular client generation with NSWAG, so I tested this one out:

I wish the explanations were clearer on this site!

4. Also tried this one, Angular Chat app with SignalR

The idea is great, but the tutorial explanations are a bit superficial.

What would be your additions to the core tutorial world?

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