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Razor Pages - Not For Shaving!

This is absolutely fantastic! Easier to understand than MVC, and some additional features vs old .net Razor pages! Using Entity Framework Core.

(article appeared on my blog

What is Razor pages?

a. ASP.NET Core Razor Pages is a page-focused framework for building dynamic, data-driven web sites with clean separation of concerns.

b. Razor Pages can make coding page-focused scenarios easier and more productive than using controllers and views.

Best tutorials, I did them all:

  4. 5.

Currently I build a small project, using EF core, which connects to an Azure database.It has aprox 15 pages, and uses a lot of Linq expressions.
Guys, did any of you have contact with this technology?
Do you have any tips?

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Zoltan Halasz

Thank you. For now, my project is in .Net core 2.2, I leave it as it is. But clearly in 2020 will train myself for .Net core 3.0.

If you still have something for 2.2, in respect of Razor pages, let me know. :)