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Zoheb Alli Khan
Hi Everyone! I am Zoheb Khan, an HS sophomore in India. I love Reacting ⚛️ and Expressing(ExpressJS has no emoji LOL) and to store my data I use 🐘(PostgreSQL).
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Hey Internet,
This is the second article where I am going to say what OSS projects I contributed.

    This week I am working on this Issue and I have made a PR regarding it and of course the issue is half fixed.

  2. Web-Dev Resources
    I also made a PR to a OS project where it lists all the resources you need to have to become a web developer. I added some Discord Servers and YT channels.

  3. Icons
    I had made a PR last weekend and it got merged 🤩.

  4. hackoctoberfest-practice
    I had also made a PR. It was just a basic PR and when I was just starting out on how to contribute.

  5. awesome-cheatsheets
    This is the last PR I made. I made cheat-sheets for ExpressJS. While making this I really came to know about some unknown req,res methods which I had never tried. Btw it is not merged.

Well, This was it for this log and have a great weekend.

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