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Best Developer Tools for 2021

Here are some #musthave tools for me - a front-end developer that I can swear by.

1. Github

Okay, no brainer here. Of course we cannot live without Github. Over 56 million developers worldwide use GitHub to build and ship software. Version control is more crucial than ever for remote teams to diligently maintain the history of their code and collaborate on new versions.

2. Quire

My team uses Quire as a project management software for 3 years already and every single day I log in Quire to use Kanban Board to track my team's progress. Many developers overlooked the importance of a good project management software. Don't! You need a reliable platform to track bugs and issues.

And Quire is integrated with Github! Life can't get any better!

3. Visual Studio

Visual Studio is an integrated environment that offers software developer tools for design and deployment, not to be confused with our #2 tool, Visual Studio Code.

4. Docker

Docker uses containers to package software into standardized units for development, shipment, and deployment.

But sometimes it lagged. Docker developers, please fix bugs!

5. Notepad++

Written in C++, this free and open source editor is a Notepad replacement that supports several coding languages.

How about your team?

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Adrian Matei

I use Codever at least on an hourly basis to manage my dev bookmarks and code snippets...