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A tech company it's like a futbol team.

Own, manage or direct a tech company it's like a futbol team. You have a group of person working for the same objective:

Could be won a tournament or win each game.

In the same way, your tech company has a group of people trying or
working for the same objective: make a profit, build/maintain a product, etc.

Futbol like a tech company

You are the CEO/CTO and you are the director too, you don't play
directly the games, but you have to see everything goes on wheels. You contract a Technical Director to manage the team, to check everything and other of your responsibility is select the best players what you can pay. You try to get the best talent, the best defence or the best goalkeeper.

the CEO its like roberto sedino

In the same way, the tech companies have these needs, to search for the best elements for work on your stack. And one of the advantages of the futbol, it's the rules of the futbol, it's the same around the world, in tech Javascript or Python

is the same in Canada, Mexico or Salvador.

Then, when you want to go to the next level and win easier, you might hire some foreigners to get strength.

Contrata a algun supercampeon

You can look out of your border limits to get the best team player you can get from outside. Doing that you have some advantages:

  • Loyalty, because the person who will receive sponsorship, will be thankful for all the effort you did to bring to him and his family.

  • Diversity, you will bring the style of playing from another side, your others players will know a new style.

  • Top Talent, you have not restricted a group of players working in your league, you can select the best talent in the world.

If your tech company wants to have the best defense or the best

Take a look at

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