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VSCode: Awesome Multi-cursors/selection Tricks

Hey fellow creators

Learn some multi-cursors and selection tricks that you can use in VSCode!

If you prefer to watch the video version, it's right here :


1. [ctrl + alt + arrow down|up].

It will simply create some multi-cursors below or above your line.

If you want to exit the multi-cursor, press escape.


2. [pushed mouse wheel + go down|up].

It will create some multi-cursors too, it's a bit faster than the one above.


3. [ctrl + d].

[ctrl + d] will help you find some occurrences. For example, if you want to change several divs into paragraphs, pressing [ctrl + d] after highliting one will allow you to do that faster!


4. [ctrl + shift + l].

You can also find all occurrences at once after highliting something with [ctrl + shift + l]. For example, this will select all the divs!


5. [alt + click].

Finally, you can use [alt + click] to place a new cursor wherever you want.

Come and take a look at my Youtube channel:

See you soon!


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Abhimanyu Kumar

yes its helpful