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10 Must-Have Projects For A Web Developer Portfolio

Hello friends,
Today I want to talk about 10 projects that would show your range of skills as a developer and likely make your portfolio stand out.

Any JavaScript developer knows that the best way to learn JavaScript is by building projects and that’s why I created 100Days of JavaScript Course to help beginners sharpen their JavaScript skills.
Please check it out.

So Here we go.
1. Project 1: A Calculator.
Knowledge pointer: JavaScript Arithmetic operators
Alt Text

  1. Project 2: Digital clock.
    Knowledge pointer: JavaScript date and time methods
    Alt Text

  2. Project 3: Converter (weight, temperature).
    Knowledge pointer: Math and calculation
    Alt Text

  3. Project 4: Image Slider
    Knowledge pointer: DOM Manipulation
    Alt Text

  4. Project 2: CRUD + Local storage based project i.e dark mode toggle, ToDo app, etc.
    Knowledge pointer: CRUD operation, Local Storage API
    Alt Text

6 Project 6: Counter App.
Knowledge pointer: DOM Manipulation, Scroll Events
Alt Text

  1. Project 7: JavaScript Game.
    Knowledge pointer: DOM Manipulation, OOP
    Alt Text

  2. Project 8: API/HTTP Request Project i.e GitHub profile app, recipe app, movie app.
    Knowledge pointer: API/HTTP Request
    Alt Text

  3. Project 9: Music player.
    Knowledge pointer: Web API
    Alt Text
    Alt Text

  4. Project 10: Credit card payment UI/UX Project.
    Knowledge pointer: REGEX
    Alt Text

These are some of the projects we build in an easy-to-understand manner in our 100Days of JavaScript Course

Thanks for reading this article.
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