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History of HTML

Habdul Hazeez on October 19, 2019

Starting at CERN, HTML is quite popular in the Web and almost every resource on the web is presented in HTML with some enhancement with CSS and Jav... [Read Full]
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I think talking about the origins of HTML as an SGML document type, that no one actually ever implemented as SGML, which lead to "tagsoup", that ultimately was standardized as HTML5 by the WHATWG; would have been a great addition (oh, and that XML is somehow a simplification of SGML, hence the XHTML effort/attempt before HTML5, that actually started in part because XHTML failed)


Thanks Habdul for the article. I remember the HTML 1-3 days. Used it extensively, coupled with some JS and a touch of CSS. Now I'm updating my skill set and learning new stuff.


You are welcome. Best of luck in your learning endeavors.


Thank you Habdul Hazeez for the post, as an absolute beginner I believe I should always stick around.

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