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We are building an open-source no-code platform NocoBase

We started this idea 2 years ago. Although there are still many bugs to fix and many features to develop, we release an alpha version recently. Hope it will help you to develop internal tools.

NocoBase Blocks

Who is NocoBase for 🏖️🏖️🏖️

NocoBase is designed for you if you have the following needs.

  • Develop an internal management system
  • Meet most of your business needs with no-code development
  • Meet particular needs with regular development
  • The system requires frequent changes
  • Private deployment with full control of code and data
  • Free to use or pay for more technical support

Why NocoBase is different 🚀🚀🚀

1. Separate "data structure" and "user interface"

Most form-, table-, or process-driven codeless products create data structures directly in the user interface, such as Airtable, where adding a new column to a table is adding a new field. This has the advantage of simplicity of use, but the disadvantage of limited functionality and flexibility to meet the needs of more complex scenarios.

NocoBase adopts the design idea of separating the data structure from the user interface, allowing you to create any number of blocks (data views) for the data collections, with different type, styles, content, and actions in each block. This takes into account the simplicity of codeless operation, but also the flexibility like native development.

NocoBase is different

2. Separate "system configuration" and "system usage"

NocoBase is used to develop relatively complex business systems. In these scenarios, we want the system developers and the system users to be different roles. The user sees a mature, well-designed system, like a product developed natively, rather than a rigid, drag-and-drop free system that can be modified at any time; while the developer can quickly develop the system using a WYSIWYG approach.

NocoBase is different

3. Everything is plugins

NocoBase adopts plugin architecture, all new features can be implemented by developing and installing plugins. In the future, we will build a plug-in marketplace where extending functionality is as easy as installing an APP on your phone.

NocoBase plugins

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nocobase/nocobase: NocoBase is a scalability-first, open-source no-code/low-code development platform. (

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