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As a backend developer, What should you do with users' gmail accounts that contains dots?

Zeyad Etman
・1 min read

Hi, If you have a gmail account, you can create multiple accounts using same email, just put dots between characters, But as a backend developer should you consider this case or not?

In the thread below i just pointed to this case.

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Ben Sinclair

Treat them as separate email addresses, because they are separate email addresses. What one email provider chooses to do with them is theirs and the user's business.

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Jonathan H

What Ben said. Trying to treat the situation differently will only create future problems and user confusion.

On a side note, you can also use the + trick with Gmail (e.g. and go to the same mailbox). Other places allow the same thing but with dashes instead.

There are a lot of varieties - it's best not to try to manage them without a VERY good reason.

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Dmitry Lukanin • Edited

Some validation/sanitization libs support gmail addresses and can treat them as one address.

For example: -> ->

For reference:

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Nathan Burgess

You shouldn't do this for the simple fact that if a user has entered their email twice like this, then they're expecting them to behave like 2 separate addresses. It's just extra overhead on your platform.

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Wow. I've never thought of this. I have no solution but following to see what others say.