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How Did I Recover From An Alcohol Party And Get Back To Work The Next Day

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Even though I know I should not drink too much, sometimes I would just leave all the rules behind and enjoy the party.

So now what? I need to recover from that.


Usually, I have muffins and coffee for breakfast. In the morning after the party night, those are the last thing I want. The only thing came to my mind is soup.

Soup is easier to digest and absorb, provides nutrition, energy and water.

Sports & Energy Drink

Water is crucial to clean up the waste and residual alcohol in the body, but pure water is not enough. I need something to wake up my tongue.

Sports drink to supply the body inorganic salt, vitamins as well as water, also taste good.

Vitamin Supplements

I have some vitamin supplements with me, just took some as usual.


Alcohol genuinely helps sleep, so no worry about it. Just get a comfortable place the body knows what to do.

Work hard and don't forget to have fun. Overdrinking alcohol is not encouraged still.🐒

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