Preparing your project being open sourced

🦁 Yvonnick FRIN on August 28, 2019

In a previous article, we helped you submit your first contribution. You now want to launch your own open source project but you don't know what to... [Read Full]
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Nice post, this is definitely mandatory for anyone to be able to contribute to your open source project.

I would also add the following steps :

  • use a proper logging system (not just print/echo)
  • have at least basic local tests and static code analysis to ensure a minimal level of quality
  • have issue templates to be ready to receive feature ideas or bug reports
  • have a basic documentation (or at least docstrings in the code and a plan to generate documentation)
  • setup continuous integration (using Travis, Azure pipelines, Actions...)

Thank you Maxime! Sure I planned to write an article about how to maintain an open source project with all these topics in it. This one was more beginner oriented. In my opinion it was two separate subjects, what do you think of it?


I am against "open source", as it's a movement that tries to detract from what's important, and it was unfortunately successful at stealing the spotlight from the free software movement.

If you care about your code, make sure the license is a strong copyleft, like the GNU GPL. This way, it's impossible for people to take your code and not contribute back. Free software has a lot of implications about the society at large, and about ensuring that users have their freedoms ensured.

As for codes of conduct, I see them as the politically correct creep entering the software field, and if someone asked me to add one to my project, I'd make sure it's something to scare off people who look at this sort of thing, if not encourage toxicity.

Also, it's worth mentioning that README (and other) files don't have to be written in markdown, and there are plenty of formats one can pick, so if you don't like markdown, you have plenty of options available.


For someone who mark react as one of his/her skill you seem to have missed what happened 3 days ago about code of conduct. The politically correct is a rhetoric only used by people who doesn't want to question their conduct and doesn't care about others.

I'm really sad to see people still using that kind of argument and against code of conduct.

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I think I've mentioned this before, but I like "toxic" environments others seem to hate so much. If someone can't put up with people behaving in a way that might seem unfriendly, they're free to not contribute.

As for the old history of react, the only thing I've read about was the old issue with the license Facebook initially used.


Regarding the license, furthermore than adding a LICENSE file to the project I think it's common, correct my if I'm wrong, to add also a last chapter about it in the README


Sure, that's a good point, thank you! You can see this kind of section in this readme template from

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