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Frontity Themes

Zelal Hossain
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Frontity is the react framework for WordPress. You can easily create lighting fast websites using WordPress and React. Frontity is static site generator provide an instant Serverless Pre-rendering (SPR) experience. Frontity is 100% focused on WordPress

Frontity Themes

Frontity themes are almost similar to WordPress theme, The Theme is placed with package folder of frontity project. You can completely build a theme from scratch or you can use pre-made theme like WordPress.

Download the Frontity Theme

Portfo- Frontity portfolio theme

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Portfo is frontity personal portfolio theme for each designer, developer, content writer and any personal website. You can easily install and customize the theme. The theme has gutenberg integration so you can use gutenberg to change content and design. Portfo also offers Light and Dark version

Twenty Twenty

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Twenty Twenty is one of the best default theme. If you familiar with WordPress you may know this name Twenty Twenty.
Check out all the feature from theme official github repo

Get the more frontity theme from here

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