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Zeke Hernandez
Zeke Hernandez

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A fresh coat of paint

My wife and I recently painted several rooms in our house. The old colors were from the previous owners and we wanted to make the house more our own. It really is surprising how much a new wall color can change the overall vibe of a room. It's quite refreshing and brings a new life to the space.

Similarly, I have now been working at my current company for a little more than four months; and up until recently, had been using the default fonts and colors for Visual Studio. But a couple weeks ago I switched from a light theme to a dark theme, hand selected a few colors for major text editor elements (like keywords, comments, and literals), and switched the font to Inconsolata.

All these changes are very superficial, but they helped usher in a new energy when coding. Furthermore, it encouraged me to treat my code as an art: visually pleasing, easy to read and understand, and structurally consistent.

If you feel like your maybe in a rut with coding, try shaking things up a little. Small changes can help add some excitement from what can easily become a daily grind.

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Peter Kim Frank

Great post. I totally agree that these seemingly small "superficial" changes can actually make a huge difference in day-to-day life. I've found that changing my phone background and sounds (for calls/texts) can really make me feel like I've moved into a new chapter.

I'll give this a try in my Sublime preferences :)

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Kalpesh Mange

Code is art. We're all writers here. 💙🙂🙌

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Patrick God

Ha, great idea. Maybe I should give it a try. :)