100 Days of SwiftUI — Day 30

zeitschlag profile image Nathan Mattes Originally published at zeitschlag.net on ・1 min read

Aaaaaand I'm done with Day 30. After having learned about UITextChecker and Lists yesterday, I put them to use today.

I also learned how to use onCommit with Textfield and onAppear, which seems to be viewDidAppear in UIKit-land. I'm still quite impressed, how easily I can build a UI and I like, how easily I can react when the user enters text in a Textfield, for example.

But trailing closures still confuse me, as I use AutoComplete in Xcode pretty heavily — I'm lazy — and every single time, I have to delete some code before adding the trailing closure. That annoys me. Can I turn this off, somehow?

Until tomorrow! 👋

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