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ZEGOCLOUD makes it easy to set up a one-on-one consultation quickly.

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One-to-one consultation has become a popular trend, especially in the form of voice and video matching, which is increasingly popular due to its easy operation and highly interactive features. This consultation mode is now appearing in various industry apps, including medical consultation, job interviews, mental health counseling, and online astrology, to improve user matching efficiency and experience, attracting more users.

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However, while the one-to-one consultation model is rapidly developing, companies also have to face some pain points in operation, such as difficulty in app store listing, high platform acquisition costs, and up to 30% taxes and fees on the app store platform. In response to these issues, businesses and developers are progressively focusing more on the adaptation of web platforms. Web applications have the advantages of cross-platform compatibility, no installation, rapid updates, low cost, and SEO-friendly, making them suitable for developing lightweight applications and quickly iterating products.

In the one-to-one consultation scenario, web applications are occupying an increasing share of traffic and revenue. The adaptation of web applications in these scenarios relies on the web-based RTC communication capability and the necessary ability of cloud communication service providers to ensure high-quality and stable communication under complex overseas network conditions and uneven device performance. Otherwise, the quality of audio and video communication will directly affect the user experience, leading to a decline in revenue.

ZEGOCLOUD's Web SDK provides complete capabilities, such as dual stream functions and traffic control, AI noise reduction, background replacement, hardware encoding and decoding, real-time moderation,and complete time-based pricing models. With these capabilities, businesses can quickly realize video consultation scenarios on web applications.

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One of the key pain points in one-to-one consultation is weak network transmission optimization. To address this issue, ZEGOCLOUD supports dual stream functions on the web platform. The streaming-publishing end can publish two streams of different resolutions and bit rates at the same time, and the streaming-playing end can freely choose to play high or low-resolution streams based on its own network environment. ZEGOCLOUD also supports traffic control, which can automatically adjust the bit rate, resolution, frame rate, etc. of the media stream to ensure smooth interactive effects.

Another significant challenge in one-to-one consultation is ensuring user behavior compliance. ZEGOCLOUD provides real-time moderation services, which can detect whether there is any non-compliant content in the stream in real-time. ZEGOCLOUD can send back the non-compliant information to the URL specified by the developer through callbacks to assist in supervising the security of user rooms and reducing manual review costs.

ZEGOCLOUD's Web SDK also supports hardware encoding and decoding, reducing the CPU usage rate, thereby reducing the device’s heating situation, reducing the stuttering rate, and being more user-friendly. ZEGOCLOUD also provides AI noise reduction function, which can reduce the noise of the collected sound of the microphone and process non-steady-state noise, including mouse and keyboard sounds, kitchen utensils and dishes sounds, environmental wind sounds, and other interferences, improving the audio quality and user experience during the consultation.

In addition to the above functions, ZEGOCLOUD's Web SDK also supports background replacement, which can replace the user's background with a virtual background, improving the user's video quality and privacy. The background replacement function is widely used in the online education industry, enabling teachers to create a more immersive and interactive learning environment.

ZEGOCLOUD's Web SDK also provides a complete time-based pricing model. The pricing model is based on the duration and number of consultations, which can help businesses reduce costs and improve revenue. The pricing model can also be customized according to the business needs, allowing businesses to achieve flexible pricing strategies.

ZEGOCLOUD's all-round quality service guarantee ensures a smoother user experience, including global quality node coverage, 99% instant video loading rate, and analytic dashboard capabilities. The analytic dashboard can display data such as the number of consultations, the duration of consultations, and the location of users, providing businesses with valuable insights to optimize their services and improve user engagement.

Developers can quickly implement audio and video chat capabilities with just four lines of code and 30 minutes, reducing the development cycle and allowing businesses to focus on their core products. ZEGOCLOUD's real-time interaction capabilities help global industries grow and provide the best business experience for clients.

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In conclusion, the one-to-one consultation scenario is rapidly developing, and web applications are becoming increasingly popular in this field. ZEGOCLOUD's Web SDK provides complete capabilities to help businesses quickly implement audio and video chat capabilities on web applications. With features such as dual stream functions, AI noise reduction, background replacement, real-time moderation, and hardware encoding and decoding, ZEGOCLOUD's Web SDK can improve the quality of audio and video communication, ensuring a smoother user experience. Additionally, ZEGOCLOUD's time-based pricing model, global quality node coverage, and analytic dashboard capabilities can help businesses reduce costs, optimize their services, and improve user engagement. Developers can quickly implement ZEGOCLOUD's Web SDK with just four lines of code and 30 minutes, allowing businesses to focus on their core products.

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