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Interview at MMT


  • Basics of React, Virtual DOM, etc.
  • Latest React version and updates
  • React hooks and examples
  • Angular vs React which one to choose?
  • PWA
  • Service Workers ? Usage
  • Creating new PWA project what all i will need to do?


  • What is CORS?
  • How to set CORS on the client or server side
  • diff CORS MODE?
  • How to handle and avoid CORS errors
  • Where are cookies stored, and what is the purpose of cookies?
  • different cookie properties like HTTPOnly, Secure, etc. (You can find all properties in the - application tab.)
  • How to pass cookies in an API call, and how can I pass all cookies at once in a request?
  • What if we manipulate cookies and change the domain name?
  • Chrome Browser Latest feature
  • when we click on link & open new instance of chrome can we transfer current session info to new window? (Latest chrome feature)


  • Hoisting behavior
  • code snippets
const promise1 = new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
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function parent() {
    var hoisted = "I'm a variable";
    function hoisted() {
      return "I'm a function";
    return hoisted();
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function foo() {
  var bar = function() {
    return 3;
  return bar();
  var bar = function() {
    return 8;
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