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Inspecting item like drop-down menu, overlay etc

You might have faced a problem when trying to inspect the drop-down item or overlap windows which gets closed when we right click n then inspect that element in DOM

I ran into this issue with drop-down options. The reason it's disappearing when I inspect it, is because a blur event is always triggered on the element list when I click anywhere outside.

One way, we can prevent these events from being triggered is to remove all such possible event

Inspect the input element on Chrome
Go to the Event Listeners tab and remove the blur or focusout or mouseover event. just click in remove.

Image description

Event listeners depend on type of element you are trying to inspect & events also varies from element to element.

Please Note: if you remove events element functionality will break & element will not behave as expected it to be. To make it normal/working again like before please reload the app or kill & launch again

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