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Discussion on: How would you define high quality code?

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That's not necessarily true in all cases.

You write code as language for a computer. When you speak to another person, whether it's functional or an expression, you can say it in multiple ways -- all accomplishing the same task, in bad, good, great, and best ways. "Accomplishes the task" is ambiguous, as is the task's definition. For example, a task to display an RSS feed on a page is different for a junior dev vs an intermediate, or even another junior dev. It's very well different for different types of people, roles, cultures, etc.

Code quality measurement is like checking someone's health. If your life purpose was defined with 100% accuracy and our biotech was 100% accurate could one accurately determine a person's health exactly. Because we're far from that point, we make estimations based on multiple dimensions like weight, height, sugar levels, etc; similarly, we have test coverage, penetration/smoke testing, analytics, user group sessions, etc.