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What I learned This Week. Week 10.

This week went a little differently than the past. I helped my girlfriends parents move from Florida to Tennessee. So instead of having a paragraph for each day, I will be doing some bullet points as a summary of what I did that day.


  • Worked on SQL practice problems.
  • Practiced Spanish on Duolingo.
  • Read article on new machine learning technologies.


  • Applied for jobs.
  • Reached out to a few people via Linkedin.
  • Did a little SQL and Spanish.


  • Reflected on quality of resume and personal profiles.
  • Learned new SQL concept and completed practice problems.
  • Practiced Spanish.
  • Applied for jobs and conversated with a few recruiters.


  • Drove about 10 hours down to Tennessee to help unload moving truck.
  • Did some practice problems and my Spanish lessons.
  • Slept on very uncomfortable pullout.


  • Unloaded moving truck.
  • Helped organize kitchen and living room boxes.
  • Finally relaxed with good food.


  • Drove another 10 hours home.

This week felt slow at first but came and beat my ass up before I knew it. I was happy I set myself up for success by not pushing myself. Although I didn't get near as much done as would normally. I kept up with the basics of my responsibilities to continue my good habits. I hope you enjoyed the quick read about my week and I hope to see you back here next week.

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