I quit my job as a SysAdmin to focus on Web Development, Ask Me Anything!

zasuh_ profile image Žane Suhadolnik ・1 min read

Little bit about me:

  • I'm turning 23 at the end of June.
  • A few months away from graduating with (I guess you could call it) IT degree focusing on computer science and programming.
  • Got burned out on my job as a SysAdmin and decided to quit while I still have the ability to.
  • I'm focusing on front-end currently (specifically Vue), but really wanna go full-stack in the future.
  • Amateur at programming, but I am learning every single day and reflecting what I can do better all the time.



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Hey hey Žane! Wish you much luck on your recent switch to web development :) I'm curious what drew you to the front-end? Point 4, you mention wanting to eventually go full-stack so was just curious how you decided to focus on the front-end first.

I definitely know the feeling of on the job burn out and wanting to try something completely different. Excited to see how your journey unfolds :)


Thank you for the kind words! I will definetly make a post for when I actually get my first offer :)

Front-end seemed like the natural first step for a newbie, since I started with HTML and CSS, just continued from there. I have been learning more stuff than front-end, both in my own time and in college workshops, mainly C# and the .NET framework and NodeJS.


Nice! Sounds like a natural first step since you started with HTML and CSS :)


Hello! Mind answering these questions?

1) What was the best part about being a SysAdmin?
2) And what was the worst?
3) What's your setup: tools, software, languages?
4) In your opinion, what is the best developer-related technology in the past 5 years and what is the worst?

PS: hope you have a nice time learning and working as a front-end developer.


1) The best was all the technology I got to learn. It was my first proper job in tech so the learning curve was very sharp. Also I got to spend time with some amazing people who thought me everything from business to technology.

2) There wasn't really a definitive thing that was the worst. Probably the times where I had to come in VERY early and leave VERY late and have no help with certain problems, that stuff gets frustrating. Also the people. Some people are awesome, others not so much.

3) I'm using VS code currently and am writing a bunch of VueJS because I found that it's simple to understand for someone who doesn't have a whole lot of experience with frameworks. Other languages include HTML5, CSS3 and a bit of C#.

4) Being a relative newbie I haven't really been exposed to a whole lot of stuff. I think every tech has a place and solves a problem. But if I had to chose I would go with NPM (I know it's release was in 2010). It solves just as many problems as it creates.

Thank you! :D


Hi Zane,

I'm a SysAdmin, too.

  1. What's your consideration to choose Vue?
  2. What is the best approach to get in as a webdev from your prev roles? Thanks so much.

Sorry didn't check Dev.to for a couple of days :D

  1. Tried both Angular and React starter guides and couldn't understand a thing. Tried Vue and everything just made sense. There really isn't much more than that. Just whatever was easier to learn as my first framework :)

  2. Professionally I don't know yet since I'm still looking for a job. The most important thing is to study everyday and build projects that challenge you. That's what helped me learn at least.


Why you chose Vue? Why not ReactJS as front end?


Because Vue was easier to understand and to wrap my head around.


What are your favorite resources to learn how to code?


Hard question since I learn from articles to online courses. "You Don't Know JS" is great for JS, the official docs for Vue are excellent, CS50 is a great overall course for programming.

Also these guides are very helpful: github.com/P1xt/p1xt-guides


What's the job market for web development like compared to SysAdmin?


Over here (Slovenia) way better. Jobs are popping up every day for multiple companies. Also the community is really awesome :D