How to use Emmet with React/JSX?

zasuh_ profile image Žane Suhadolnik ・1 min read

Hi, hello, dober dan!

This isn't a tutorial sadly, more of a request for knowledge :D

Been learning React recently. As probably many of you I also use Emmet when it comes to writing HTML code more quickly. I wanted to use Emmet for JSX and found myself confused as to why it doesn't work consistently?

First thing I did was change the "Workplace settings" in VSCode as how this issue instructed: https://github.com/Microsoft/vscode/issues/41998

That worked, BUT when I created a new .js file in my src folder for example and tried writing React/JSX code in it, Emmet didn't work. The only solution I could figure out was to manually change the file type to javascriptreact every time I create a new file.

Does anyone have a link to a solution? Thanks :D


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For me answer from stackoverflow.com works perfectly

// add to your vscode settings
"files.associations": {
"*.js": "javascriptreact"


Isn't jsx supposed to contain JSX/JS and JS to contain JS only?