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Scala.js converts Scala code to Javascript. Scala is normally a language which runs on the Java platform. But using Scala.js you can run it on the front-end as well.


One thing that you should not try to learn while you are practicing your web development skills.


Because I know a crazy Russian Programmer at work who is expert at Scala that says
"it's a sh**ty language that no-one understands"

They don’t sound very knowledgeable considering so many successful companies are using it and for very good reasons. It’s an amazing language with huge potential.

That is the reason why they decided to migrate to kotlin also... its amazing

If the tool works then use it. You haters that come on and act like you know what you're talking about just pollutes the dev environment. Go find something better to do.

I'm not a hater, I'm pragmatic. Simple is better than complex.

But your definition of complex and simple is different then others. Yet here you are spewing something poisonous about something someone is interested in. You have nothing constructive to say. You're not being pragmatic at all in this sense.

My opinions are my own. If you think that I'm really spreading something poisonous then you have other more serious issues to solve.