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Big Data Vs Small Data

The word big Data invent when the top MNCs like Google, Facebook, Amazon came into happening. Before this, we normally deal with normal data or now called as Small Data after the invention of Big Data.

The main difference between Big Data and small data is their Size and Volume. No doubt as the size of data increase, their way of storing space also increase Exponentially.

The company uses Big Data to Fetch useful insights. They use Big Data for Data Mining, Data Analysis, and Data Science. [Know more about Data Science]

Small Data

What is Small Data ?
Small is mostly Structured in form. It may be in tables, XML, or Graph Format. The maximum size of Small Data contains a Terabyte of data. TB is the maximum size that a Structural Format like SQL or Oracle stores.

As the size of data is small so we use Nodes to crawl into the small data. 90% of Small data is Public to use. We can use small data for other project insights but In the case of Big Data, it is not public.

Big Data

What about Big Data:
Big Data is Mostly Unstructured and have Petabyte, ExaByte, ZetaByte, and YottaByte of data volume. If you think how is it possible to generate such a big amount of data?

Let me tell you
Facebook generates 4PB of data every day. This data includes allthrecordssd of your image, likes, or videos that you have posted on that day

Big Data can't be gathered in a single place. This data can be distributed globally. Moreover, we use multicluster to crawl into the massive data. In Big Data, we mainly use Hadoop, Spark, or pyspark to store PB, EB, ZB, and YB of data.

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