22 Short Lessons To Become A Mobile Programmer Using Flutter Framework

Zaiste on November 17, 2019

Here is a list of 22 short, video lessons that provide essential information to start developing mobile applications. This crash course is aimed fo... [Read Full]
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Thanks for this!

From early this year I've been trying to get into web development but I have to admit it's been really unfulfilling. Before that I was coding mostly in C# and C++.

Recently I took a stab at Dart and I've had more fun than I've ever had while using Javascript, so I decided to ditch the web and focus on Flutter for now. This series looks like it'll be helpful to me.

Thanks again!


I'm curious why do you find it unfulfilling? Is it because the landscape is so fragmented and without clear guidelines? If so, I can relate to that.

Thanks for the kind words. With the series I've been trying to fill the gap with the existing tutorials as they usually do not focus on the architecture that much.


Yeah exactly that, I constantly felt lost when trying to learn, and even after completing a course I'd feel like I'd accomplished little. Whenever I finished a project I'd just be relieved that I wasn't working on it anymore haha.

App development is what lured me into programming so I decided I'd get back to it. I did web development because I thought it had a more secure future than mobile, kinda still do to be honest, but in the end I didn't like it much. I'd rather do something that doesn't make me want to pull my hair out.

Your videos are amazing by the way, I've done 5 from the playlist and it was an enjoyable learning experience :)


Can you make a video on how to create flutter plugins? I’ve ran into a scenario where you can’t play music in flutter on iOS 13 so I had to create a flutter plugin for that. The 3rd party plugins don’t seem very good for this....


Yes, I've already started something in that vein. Is it just about the plugin creation itself or you are rather interested how to interface with the underlying phone APIs ?


How to interface with the underlying phone APIs.

That's a great idea for a lesson. I'll investigate it.



I'm just getting started with flutter and I found this tutorial series very helpful so I just wanted to thank you for taking your time to make this wonderful tutorial series. The only thing that bugs me is your theme choice for Visual Studio Code 🤣


You have no idea how much this has helped me i spenta whole day looking at my laptop figuring out how to work all out and now after watching your videos all the concepts are cleared,. A big thanks to you 😁❤️


I'm happy I could help. Good luck with the future programming adventures!


Thank your for this list, for my I struggling with creating view and style it, I come from Html and javascript background, so I feel hard for structuring columns or make stack widgets.


pretty cool thanks zaite...please how can i create a voting app using dart...??


The issue I've found with Flutter when I last tried to use it is that it requires VirtualBox to run, but on Windows 10 Pro, I use Hyper-V.

Did that change?


You want to develop an iOS compatible app, did it get that right ? If so, yes there may be some rough edges e.g. lack of the proper debugging. If you stick with the Material there shouldn't be any issues to my knowledge.


I don't want to specifically develop an iOS-compatible app, my issue is the fact that Flutter only supports mobile device simulators based on VirtualBox, which I cannot use on my Windows workstation, since I use Hyper-V (another, different level, hypervisor).


I appreciate your work :D but one que- what all am I supposed to know in the flutter to get started in my career??


Thanks for the kind words. I'm not sure to understand your question. Is it about the range of Flutter topics to master from the employer standpoint ?

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