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Why Do People Often Use Trendy Technologies ?

As my first post i wanted to talk about something i'm really passionate about, that is "Use A Technology You Like and Not A Trending Technology".

Though i'm not really that experienced and i'm still a college student, i noticed that people are really attracted to technologies that are trending like flutter, go and whichever language that makes the more noise at that time,they go for it and do not stick with technologies that are proven to work and last like : Java, php, .net/C# C++ or anything in the top 5 or 6.
they make projects with these technologies and then stop for the lack of resources or for the lack of commitment and enjoyment.

for the past year i've done a challenge with my roommate, as he was learning the mern stack while i was learning .NET Core, his reason for learning it was because it's popular and so that he can freelance while studying, my reason was that i enjoyed the process of writing c# code and i found blazor a good replacement for javascript, the challenge was to see who can get to a 1000$ freelancing first, though both of us didn't reach it,i made 580$ ( 700$ before taxes) and i was told that it was a good price for a 20 day job and for a first job nonetheless.

the moral of the story is "a technology/Framework is just a way/tool of achieving your projects, and enjoying the process is far more important for longevity"

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Benjamin Delespierre • Edited on

That question is a door to a whole universe my friend. In a rationnal world, populated by deterministic robots always making the right conscious choices, fitness for the purpose would be the main driver behind choosing a technology.

But we live in a very crooked reality with passionated people, politics, egos, and power dynamics.

Hence there are as many factors influencing technology choices for projects as there are stars in the sky: FOMO, Cargo Culting (I see this one A LOT), Resume Driven Development, Path Dependence, Mere Exposure Effect, just to name a few.

It's okay to be biaised. Everyone is. Being aware of it is, IMHO, the path to making beter decisions in this un-perfect world.

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i use php because it integrateable with almost eveyrhting and pretty like a lighsaber it has odd syntax but nt really if your look at perl. fun story i helped manager hthe dragon programming languae it was trending but the problem it never became stalbe if waht wa going to be. i use python php and c# i learned kotlin because it is nice for android developer not because it s the end tool

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But some technologies today are trending BECAUSE they are enjoyable to use.

People are attracted to these trending technologies because there are more resources to learn from, bigger communities to get help from, and the technology must be fun to use if everyone else uses it.