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Day 6 of my progress as a vue dev

About today
So, I started to work on my new project, the DSA visualizer and I had many fun ideas on which approach I should go with. After a bit of brainstorming I ended up deciding on that I want to keep the project limited but extremely playful so that it is fun to use and understand the concepts of DSA. I'm initially dealing with stack, queue, linked-list and binary search tree. I think for now these are easiest to implement and lay down the ground work for the future structures that maybe added in the future. I have started the implementation and already ended up with a decent animated visual presentation of stack.

What's next
I will continue this pace and implement all the structures first and then move on to minor improvements to make the usage a little more appealing. Next is queue to be implemented which I will work on tomorrow.

Improvements required
I need to define a certain animation style that is subtle and playful. My aim is to make so that even a 6 year old is able to understand the concept while the animation and the stylistic approach doesn't seem to childish for a grown up.

Wish me luck!

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