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Day 1 of my progress as a vue dev

Hey reader, my name is zain and I am about to start my journey as a vue js developer.

Well, not quite starting from scratch. I have been working for a company for past two years as a frontend developer, and during this period I've had the experience to work with vue, but if I'm being honest I was just doing a job. A really average one. Means I was not learning anything new, was doing very average work by using the old written code, and in reality I was just doing it for the sake of getting the paycheck.

But something changed recently...

I started to gain interest in my work, and started to realize that I want to be more than average and at least put out some quality work. So did I just woke up one day and was filled with all this motivation? Well, not exactly. The motivation came through many factors, one of which was amount of great and innovative work being done out there and on the other hand here I am just stuck with the same work for past two years. I don't hate the work I do, but now have developed the hunger for more.

So now what? Well, to be able to do some innovative work I have to upgrade my skills, and to do that I have to learn and practice with a plan and consistency.

So, now let's come to the purpose of this post. I am starting my journey from today by coding daily, I will be building many projects in the days to come and will push them on my github, and I will be writing all about them on such (not lengthy as this) posts to keep track of my progress, and to see how longer I can maintain the streak.

Today I started building a dynamic quiz app that will use vue3, typescript and tailwind css. I will be using local storage for now to store and retrieve data, but will soon start to develop php laravel knowledge and move the data handling to that.

Wish me luck!

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best of luck and thanks for learning publicly.