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Alexandr Zahatski
Alexandr Zahatski

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Reinventing Pod6: Moving Forward

Today is a great day because I feel that some interesting changes are happening in an important aspect of my work.

Recently, I've become involved in the process of working on a new specification for the Pod6 markup language. Documentation is a crucial part of any programming language, and despite that, Pod6 has remained unchanged for quite a while. So, the fact that the relevance of Pod is being addressed and taking a step forward is truly commendable. I want to extend my sincere appreciation to you, Richard (@finanalyst), for this.

As I started reviewing early version of Rakudoc, which Richard sent to me, I realized that I have a wealth of ideas and experience with Pod6 that I've been preparing for this moment. They are needs to be organized, put into the text, and shared. It would also be beneficial to review ideas, previous work, revisit all the discussions that have taken place in the Raku/Doc community, which will require some time.

So, I've informed Richard that I'll be preparing my version of specification of the "next Pod".

I estimate that this process will take around 3 weeks. Maybe a little bit less, or more.

I believe that considering multiple viewpoints will be highly beneficial, especially at this early stage.

To keep things focused and avoid any unintended consequences due to my own oversight, I've decided to work on this project in a quiet mode and will share a diary of my progress once the work is completed.

In addition to my work on the new Pod6 specification, I've also decided to take a pause on working on the next release of Podlite editor.

Thank you for your attention!

With best,

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Vadim Belman

I wonder why do you think it's better off doing it quietly on your own first? Why not joining Richards initiative? Not complaining, just wondering for better understanding.

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Alexandr Zahatski • Edited

Hi, Vadim! I've been using pod6 for quite a while, and I need some time to gather all my ideas and make sure that putting them together doesn't break the overall specification and do not compromise compatibility with the existing Pod6
thank you

PS: I've joined a closed group to discuss the beta version of Rakudoc, of course.

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Elizabeth Mattijsen • Edited

Great to hear!

Please tag this with #rakulang rather than #raku :-) And maybe add a #rakudoc tag?

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Alexandr Zahatski

made adjustments
thank you