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Project 2 Update

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  1. We first followed the instructions from the previous assignment on setting up the api file, first we created a folder called api, and then we added a list.js file which would help us interact with the json list.
  2. We first attacked, the list aspect of our code, once we had the api file containing list.js setup, we then created the different fields that would need to be populated for the card to work properly.
  3. We have not come across one as of yet.
  4. CSS and HTML aspects, we are making sure to follow a similar style of building when it comes to basic card design that will then be replecated.
  5. Our next priority is to get the search functionality set up so that we can search for the cards in the list and making an NPM package for our card so that we can simply call it when we are programming the card functionality
  6. We are unsure of how to solve the search functionality, and how to get it integrated with the rest of the program.

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