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re: I’m not sure. I don’t know what anglar/react/whatever actually do. Everyone says i need to learn javascript becuae i can’t use html And css anymore...

Whoever told you that you can't use HTML and CSS is wrong.

HTML CSS and JavaScript are what make up a website.

Think of HTML as the Bones of the site. CSS is where you add the style to your website. (So fonts, colors, font size, etc.) Think of CSS as the skin of the site. And JavaScript gives you the functionality to the site.

Also I would recommend this YouTube playlist that utilizes P5.js it's an online editor where you could just code along with JavaScript.


The coding train does an excellent playlist teaching you different concepts while seeing results and it's fun.

I’ll try the youtube playlist out, thank you. I’ve used HTML and CSS professionally for almost 20 years so it’s good to know it’s not dead

Not dead at all.. yes, most places will have you use SASS or LESS or something that generates HTML but learning those technologies is just building on your understanding of the basics of HTML and CSS there is some added features and syntax changes, but 20 years of experience in HTML/CSS is a benefit to you.

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