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Discussion on: Is the use of scaffolding a good idea for a junior dev?

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z0al • Edited on


You've some broken links here:

start the project (like express-generator for Expressjs).

And here too:

I found a great one called rest using yeoman.

I guess you've written the markup like this:

I found a great one called [rest](( using [yeoman]((

The double parentheses caused the links to render like:

<a href="(">rest</a>
<a href="(">yeoman</a>

Kindly, remove the additional parentheses to correct the output.

OK, my comment is totally unrelated to the topic of your post. Good post btw, keep it up ;)

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Charlie Fuentes Author

My mistake, an apology. Already solved and thank you very much. Regards! :)!