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Discussion on: Pet Projects: How to stay motivated doing it?

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I've been there before ;)

  • Basically, you need to work on a project that solves a problem you're experiencing, regularly(ideally). This way it's more likely you will stay motivated.

Credits: Kent C. Dodds

  • Share your work with others, you may get a cool feedback, which also helps a lot!

I am encouraging everyone who has a working in progress pet project to share theirs in the discussion box

My webpack-based, local playground, currently in beta!

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Zorex Salvo Author • Edited on

I didn't know that you can embed tweets here in comment that's cool @thepracticaldev !

a problem you're experiencing, regularly

That's the keyphrase, that's my problem. I'm more excited on the tech that I'll be using than the actual problem the app should solve.

Glitch Playground! That's a really cool and interesting name for a side project.