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Hacktoberfest Week 1

yzwdroid profile image Andy Yang ・1 min read

This is the first week of hecktoberfest, I really don't want to work on the projects with the label just for this event. As a newbie in the opensource world, It's really hard to find a project, although there's plenty of them need help.

How I found the project to work on

I want to start with something familiar to me. As a hugo user. I was looking for a simple template for my website. Then I found this theme is really what I want. When I check the readme file, the installation method is a little bit different from the official way to install themes.

How I started.

Then I filed an issue to ask the maintainer what's his option. At the same time, I forked the repository and started working on the project. I appended the installation method to the end of readme file and made a PR

I discussed the issue with @LukasJoswiak inside the PR channel. And followed the instruction to make several more commits. I found Github is very smart with the PR. The additional commits automatically show on the conversation. After the review and comment by the maintainer, I finally met all the requirements. And everything merged to the master branch.

I'm excited to contribute to the real open source world. Even it's only a small contribution. The hardest thing is getting started.

fmt.Println("hello, opensource")
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