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yves songolo

Hi There,

I never new about DEV or I would have register long ago, but it's never to late isn't it?. looking forward to met great engineers and designers with great project, even just for discussing.

I have a project that been stuck in my head for a while now, and now I wanted to work on it since I have some free time on my hands. Crypto jump, to make short, a crypto trader mobile that does the trade for you with 1 click only. yea the app will do all the trading, and you can seat tight and just look at the money growπŸ€‘. I'm not inventing anything new here, but just putting things together to help common foes who doesn't have much knowledge on crypto trading (and they don't really need too).

curious about the project? you can see more here :
and if you want to be part of the project: