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I try to build and run new iOS App

I tried to build and run this app.

clone repository, and push run button on Xcode.


ops! build err. I need "PushNotifications"

I read READ.MD, there is information how to build app.

Fork and clone the project.
Install Carthage. If you use Homebrew then you can install Carthage by running brew install carthage.
Now run carthage update in the project's root directory.
Build and run the project in XCode.

I Installed Carthage on homebrew, And execute carthage update

After that, "PushNotifications" err was gone.


I run it on iPhone emulator on my Mac.

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Jess Lee

Cool! Glad you got it set up :)

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Angel Alberto Rueda Mejia

Maybe creating a "setup" script would be useful.

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What is that about?

I'm not professional of iOS app developer.
But I think there is some build tool like cmake or gradle in Xcode too.