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Learn Working with Git and Bitbucket

In this article, I will explain to you how to work with git and bitbucket. This is a direct practice example for the beginner

Before start this article please read some good tutorial about git so you can understand well.

Step: 1 Download Git and install

Download Git and then install.
Download Git and install
No need check anything on the installation process just click next on the whole process.

Step: 2 Create an account at Bitbucket

Create an account at
Create an account at Bitbucket

Step: 3 Run Git Bash

Run Git Bash

Step: 4 Git setup command (Only first time of git setup)
  1. git config –global “Name” e.g (git config –global “yuvrajkhavad”)
  2. git config –global “your email id” e.g (git config –global “”)
  3. ssh-keygen
  4. Press enter without entering any file name.
  5. Enter the two-time password then display a newly generated file path. (Note: This password will use for clone project, push project and pull project).
  6. Open file folder mention in git bash and copy the key from those locations
  7. Then add a key in Bitbucket
    1. Log in to Bitbucket.
    2. Go to View Profile
    3. Click on SSH keys and then Add key.
    4. Paste the key into the text box:
    5. Click Add key. You’re done!
  8. Then create a new project repository and copy the project URL because we have to use at step 5.1
Step: 5 then move the folder to the location where you have to clone project
  1. cd c: (Note: Move-in C directory)
  2. cd test/ (Note: Move to a particular folder of your project)
Step: 6 Clone (copy) project in the local computer (Only first time of starting new project)
  1. git clone e. g (git clone
  2. Then type “Yes”
  3. Then enter your password
Step: 7 Regular Commands
  1. git status
  2. git add . / -A e.g (git add .)
  3. git commit -m “” e.g (git commit -m “First Commit”)
  4. git pull origin e.g (git push origin master) It will copy files bitbucket to local
  5. git push origin e.g (git push origin master) It will upload files local to bitbucket account

It’s done. Let me know have any problem happy to help. Just sent mail at

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