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It's a Go-Hacktoberfest

Hey Community Members!. Today, I successfully completed Hacktoberfest 2021, presented by digital ocean, appwrite, Intel and deep source. Thanks to the entire community for organizing the open-source contribution events to initiate the passion of contributing to the open source.

As this is my first Hacktoberfest, I would love to choose three areas for contribution.

  • Programming.
  • Web Dev.
  • Non-programming(Documentation).

I love go language. So, I chose my programming area as a go related project.

Here is the repo I have contributed for go.

My merged PR links,

Apart from the language specific, I chose my next contribution to the web dev project. I modified a few changes in the footer section of the LVM-community.

Here is my merged PR,

Finally, I contributed to the documentation section(Non-programming).

Here is my merged PR,


Nothing has stopped me to contribute to the open source. My open-source has been continuing and has no end.

Follow me on,

Open-source contribution has no destiny, it needs our hands to shine more.

Learn more! Share more! Grow more!

Finally, a bag of rewards(Goodies)

Hacktoberfest Swags

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