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Earn C# Certification(Free)

Hi, Good Day!

I just earned the foundational C# certification 🎉 .

Recently, Microsoft announced a CSharp(C#) certification in collaboration with FreeCodeCamp, a non-profit organization, with a global access for all the users for free.

This would be great for the people who would like to start C# as a beginner. This certification can help the learners to showcase their foundational C# skills.

Also, Microsoft offers the learning documentation to equip the basic fundamentals through practical approach and the documentation is very beginner friendly.

The learning guide contains 6 course modules covering all the necessary fundamentals of C#.

There is on-going challenge on Microsoft learn page with the help of tracking the course module completion. The challenge is active from August 29, 2023 until October 31, 2023.

Be a part of the challenge to complete the certification.


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