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(1/n) My adventure of implementing Redis in Rust

Where is the idea comes from?

Lately I got an email from a big sized company HR providing some open positions, and one caught my eyes. A position in a team that builds a global low-latency key-value data store.

That's the story where is the idea of trying to implement redis from start came in. Of course there was a background that why this topic interests me (Like following Phil Eaton, seeing his database related contents) but I won't dig deeper.

Searching for resources

So I started looking around for resources to get an idea about how to do it. Luckily after spending some time staring redis codebase I found CodeCrafters, and their redis course.

Good to mention for time being I'm not sponsored by CodeCrafters, I was using their campaign while writing this. I didn't even paid for it :D

Found the resource, let's start!

CodeCrafters supports multiple programming languages, but in between them I was interested in Rust and C#. But this time I'm choosing Rust. I flipped a coin to decide in between btw.

Following the course is easy, it doesn't even require any git knowledge at all. You complete the task, push it to the remote and they test and mark the step as passed.

In past I was using Exercism which followed a similar route, I think they were using a cli for this but git way of doing this is not bad as well.

End of the entrance post...

This one was the beginning of the journey, I am not planning to write for every small detail but while I go further in the course I will take notes here about the interesting and time consuming topics.

My goal is leaving notes for myself but you're always welcome to read and suggest better way of doing things!

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