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Php Mvc Framework

Image descriptionPhp is a strong language, but not that organized! Zerdeşt [zerdesht] Mvc structure aiming that solve that problem. However, Zerdeşt is now at the very beginning, we need your help as well. Please don't be shy when you have even a small idea or suggest putting the light on the problem of the structure. We are working on it, day by day, and try to make it more secure and strong. Do you want to take a look?

Here is the github repository.

git clone
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For the first installation:

zerdest start [your-database-name]
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Zerdeşt would create a new database while installing itself by that command if there isn't any database that exists with the same name that is given by the command. Besides it would also create a new controller called login if there isn't any.

To create a new fresh controller just use that command

zerdest new-controller [a-new-controller-name]
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that is all!


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