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Yusuf Kolawole
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Why I'm not sharing my knowledge

I did a little investigation on myself, why I'm not sharing my Knowledge(How I learn stuff, How I debug, Problem I encountered and how I find a solution to it).These are the self limiting beliefs that are subconsciously restraining me from doing so:

  • Not a native English speaker, thus, I don't have good command of English.
  • It's not worth sharing.
  • haven't written an article before, I would/might f*ck up.
  • Someone has already written and shared an article on it.
  • I don't have enough time.
I didn't know I have a valuable things to share until I commented on a post @FrancescoCiull4 post

I made a huge list of all my fears, And I'm challenging everyone of them, I think I've overcome this fear

This is an unedited and unplanned article, I would start sharing my knowledge on:

  • FrontEnd development(javaScript, TypeScript, React.js, Vue.js, api integration) e.t.c.
  • Backend development(api implementation, rest-api, graphql(both server and client) and so on.
  • BlockChain technology(Ethereum, solidity, ) e.t.c

Please If you are reading this, There is room for criticism, I need it to grow. Stay tuned!, see you later

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