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Yurii Zinets
Yurii Zinets

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SSC, changes and propositions

Latest changes

  • Actions handler simplified. Now, it's implemented as http.HandlerFunc and much easier to use. I've added some documentation for that, but it still far away from "done".
  • Actions arguments handling changed. You can just specify as much arguments, as you want in that way: {{ action "ActionName" 1 2 3 }}. That arguments will be passed as interface slice into your Action.
  • Demo page upgraded. It's still not so awesome as need to be, but I'm doing my best :)

Asking for ideas and propositions

I'm building development roadmap now and would like to listen for community ideas, about your vision of this concept. Feel free to propose anything you would like to see in this project, I would be very glad for any feedback :)

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