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Yurii Zinets • Edited on

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🚀 Concept of Golang micro framework for frontend components

I'm not Golang "rockstar", I'm just a regular developer. If you see any problems in the project - feel free to open new Issue. And if you would like to see features you want or just support our bright feature, please, support me with Patreon or Bitcoin (39extGa1qoaGx2kpZ6RHPVkenNP9RGzVEB)


GoFR (Go Frontend, or Go Framework)

Micro framework concept, that brings frontend-like components experience to the server side with native html/template. Supports any serving basis (nethttp/Gin/etc), that provides io.Writer for response.

Under heavy development, not stable (!!!)



Because "website" is not the same as "web application". But nowadays trends are saying otherwise. I'm trying to minimize usage of popular SPA/PWA frameworks where it's not needed at all because it adds a lot of complexity and overhead…