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Please give me some feedback

Yuri Alves
I feel like I am a very curious person. Which has led my life to head many directions that have brought upon me different skills. I have learned, how to code, make simple music and various skills
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I was wondering if the Dev community would take time out of your busy schedule and possibly check out BitBulb and give me some feedback, and say if you would use the platform, and if not, why?

Bitbulb Description:

BitBulb is a coding idea generator, for those programmers who can not think of a certain type of project to make.
However, BitBulb is not just an idea generator, it also offers a wide range of tutorials in a variety of programming languages.

BitBulb is the cure to programmers creators block, a community and a stepping stone for people wanting to take a step into the programming community

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Gage Henderson

Really awesome idea.

I think overall the look/feel of the site could be greatly improved. The massive social bar on the left is a little much in my opinion, and the posts pages are a little unappealing.

Some of the links I clicked in my short time on the site did not work, and some images were missing.

Overall I think the design/styling could use a little work, and of course, keep on adding new ideas/tutorials! It's a great concept that I would love to see come to life!

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David J Eddy

I like the idea. I dislike not having a concrete goal when trying new tech/languages. It would be neat to pull ideas from , , .

Over though, great idea.

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David J Eddy

...oh, and the timeline is entertaining :D

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Quentin Sonrel

Well, the last time you asked, I noticed some issues that are still not fixed so...

First of all, your link is broken 😀

Also, it seems the random generation on the site can give you the same result two times (maybe more) in a row, you should fix that (it gives the impression that the button does not work, since the result does not change).

Also, the Javascript console outputs a lot of errors.

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Yuri Alves Author

Oh that’s really odd. Because I did fix the issue, as I had to change all of the code for the generator. I’ll definitely look at it again.

Thank you for telling. I’m sorry if it seemed like I didn’t take your feedback into account

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Quentin Sonrel

No problem :)

Another few things I can say about the site:

  • Most ideas are "coming soon", that means the site is quite "useless" (not to be mean, just pragmatic) right now. Also to be really attractive you would need a lot more ideas, and more varied ones.
  • Submitting ideas via social media is not a great idea IMHO, mainly because people might not use those social medias, a way to submit ideas from the site would be more appropriate.
  • It is actually quite unclear that we can submit ideas, the user has to go to the "about" page, which is tedious. If I were you, I'd indicate that possibility on the front page.
  • I see there is a way to register and login: what for? Since the site is quite simple (you come for a project idea, which you get as soon as the front page) I don't see the point, so if there is any advantages to register, you should indicate it on the site, if you have features you should "advertise" for it.
  • It's more debatable but: you should go open source (if it is already, it's not clearly said, so I assume it's not), mainly because among the many advantages of open source, that would be a nice way to crowd-source your project ideas.