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SPVM::Sys now supports symbolic links on Windows, adds Perl-compatible API.

We reported last week that we were working on support for symbolic links on Windows to SPVM::Sys. Finally, SPVM::Sys now supports symbolic links on Windows.

Symbolic Link Support on Windows

Portable symlink, readlink, and l methods have been added that also work on Windows, and unlink and rename methods also support symbolic links.

In the process of testing symlinks, it was necessary to run Github Action in Windows developer mode. This is because symlink, which creates symbolic links, is not authorized in administrator mode, but only in developer mode. You can see how to do this in this Github Action using ilammy/msvc-dev-cmd.

Perl Compatible API

A Perl-compatible API has been added to the Sys class, so if you need to change your implementation between Linux and Windows, this class will take care of it.

zlib support

Next week, we will try to support zlib, a module for GZIP. First we will resource the latest version of the zlib library. Then, we will implement the GZIP compression and decompression features of Perl's Compress::Raw::Zlib. And implement GZIP and compression functionality in IO::Compress::Gzip.

The goal of the SPVM project within one year is to create a module to implement a web framework, GZIP compression is required for the ability to send and receive compressed content.

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